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Designer - Ola Wahlberg (Sweden)

This carbon MTA is superb. Thin, stiff, lightweight and a superb flight.

Tuned to give the initial launch a very healthy 30m to 40m in front set up with very good height.

Not difficult to throw and can take a medium or power throw.

Do not underestimate this model. It's one of carbonbooms secrets.


For beginners to advanced throwers.

Thickness 2mm

Average weights are approx - 16g to 18g

Wind conditions - calm to medium

Average flight times - 30 seconds upwards


Made by Adam

Snake MTA March 2021

  • As with all carbon fibre boomerangs - always store out of hot cars and direct sunlight. This is to to avoid any heating of the boomerang resin which can lead to detuning.


    A cool boomerang is a happy boomerang!

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