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Can carbon MTA's detune?


Yes, although much less likely to do so than paxolin and wood. Like all boomerangs if you don't care for them (like for example chucking them in a box with loads piled on top), you are risking detuning them. We have carbon MTA's that are years old and perfect. The biggest cause of a detuned carbon MTA is heat! Keep out of direct sunlight when not in use & do not leave in hot cars!

Can I retune a carbon MTA?

We do not recommend this unless you totally understand what you are doing. Contact us first before you do anything. MTA's are retuned on the field using a gas blow lamp and there is a real skill just to do this and not damage the MTA. All MTA's are sent out working perfectly - it is highly unlikely they will detune in the post.

What is an MTA?


These are special types of non returning boomerangs used for a particular event in competition (or fun!). They are designed to fly for much longer than normal types of boomerang. Designed to be very light weight and stiff - they are perfect for carbon fibre construction. The MTA models supplied by carbonbooms are world class boomerangs that have many one minute plus flights reported.


What is an Aussie Round boomerang?

These are special types of returning boomerangs used for a particular event in competition (or fun!). They are designed to fly out to 50m and then to return accurately to the thrower.


Carbon boomerangs are quite expensive. Why?

Material is pretty expensive and it takes a few hours to make and test each boomerang. It is a skilful and intensive process resulting in some of the best boomerangs available.

I am having trouble getting my boomerang to return. Help!


Don't struggle. Contact us early and we will decide on best course of action. If you have a weak throw, you will not be able to get some of our boomerangs to return.


I have never heard of boomerang throwing as a sport - are you guys serious?

Yep. We are proud to be involved in a highly unusual and exciting sport with an amazing group of worldwide friends. Look online to find your nearest throwing group. The Facebook link below will take you to the International Federation of Boomerang Associations (IFBA)


We throw for the pure joy and also test our skills in exciting competitions. Our World Cup is held every 2 years alternating with the European Championships. There are several worldwide tournaments every year.

Throwers of all ages can experience the magic of boomerangs,

See you on the fields!

Kiel team.JPG

British MTA relay team - Kiel World Cup 2016


  • IFBA

IFBA - Facebook Group

IFBA - Facebook Group

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