Using high quality carbon fibre weave, from one of the UK's leading suppliers our fibre of choice is 200gm plain weave to give the classic and beautiful carbon fibre finish. Boomerangs are made from a minimum of 12 pieces, some more complicated ones have way over 20!

All are reinforced with uni-directional carbon internally to give high rigidity and precise weight control. 


Unless specified, all boomerangs have a balsa core to keep weights within throwing limits.

We use our experience of over 15 years & 1000 carbon boomerangs to refine our moulds and produce the best flying boomerangs for competition. It takes a significant degree of skill and preparation for each model to be produced. Our moulds and techniques are constantly being refined and improved.

From day one, our goal has been to make these beautiful boomerangs available to the competition community at extremely good prices. To keep cost down, we do not vacuum our products so very minor surface imperfections may sometimes be visible.

























The devil is in the detail...

Adam's MTA's are posted out in handmade highly durable boxes that totally protect your boomerang from any detuning and postage disasters. In over 15 years of worldwide posting, I have never had a single report of any damages in postage.

MTA's made by Adam can be personalised with owner email details, which may result in 'lost' boomerangs being returned to their owners. If you do not request this, then the default email is carbonbooms. We assign each MTA with a unique number that pairs each MTA with their owner.

All MTA's and other carbon boomerangs are extensively tested before posting. We only post your boomerangs when we are totally happy with its flight.

We are throwers making for throwers. We understand boomerangs and know our stuff. You will get the best.




















Right handed throwers only

Unfortunately due to the nature of testing, we only supply our boomerangs to right handed throwers only. Please note - there are several 'Lefty' throwers who very successfully throw righty MTA's, but only experienced throwers should attempt this.

Your email can be added to an MTA (Recommended)

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