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Adam McLaughlin

Adam has over 40 years experience of boomerang throwing and making & is one of the worlds best MTA throwers.

Refining and improving carbon fibre construction since 2004, his mainly MTA models are used by many throwers around the globe.

He was MTA runner up in the  European Championships 2011 and MTA 3rd placed in the 2016 World championships.

Current British MTA record holder and holder of 4 other British records.

Adam, Martin and Sean (UK) - are current world record holders for the largest returning boomerang with a 9ft wingspan.

He loves boomerangs!

Martin Laslett


Martin has over 25 years experience in innovating boomerang design and construction.


He was the UK's first Carbon Fibre constructor and an enthusiastic competitor and respected maker.

Martin developed the foundation techniques used to make our carbon fibre boomerangs today starting with MTA and moving on to Aussie round and LD rangs

He is currently working on the mathematical modelling of boomerang flights in his 'BOOMLAB' programme and experimenting with his innovative and large homemade wind tunnel.

What we do

We make specialist carbon fibre boomerangs mainly for the competition community and have been supplying our custom boomerangs for nearly 2 decades.


It is a highly specialised and skillful craft that only a handful of makers worldwide undertake. We have spent many years perfecting and making our models.


Beginners are not recommended to throw our boomerangs due to the practiced techniques required. These are generally more difficult to throw than more 'normal' plastic and wooden boomerangs.

If you are interested in throwing high quality beginner boomerangs, please contact us and we will direct you to the best makers in the world.



Mallorca European Championships 2016


Mallorca Beach tournament 2014

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