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Designer - Georgi Dimantchev (Bulgaria)

This is a beautiful Aussie Round boomerang that is a copy of my beloved Paxolin model made by the Englishman Jim Reid. From an original wooden design by the famous Bulgarian thrower Georgi.


Made using a new mould for 2019 which produces a beautiful silky smooth flight that is a pleasure to see. So stable, just cuts through turbulance and wind.

Capable of 40-50m and able to handle medium and tricky winds.


Average weight 40g

Thickness 3,2mm

For beginners or experienced throwers.

Needs a medium power type throw.

Best suited for medium / tricky winds.

RIGHT HANDED throwers only


Right or Left Handed
  • As with all carbon fibre boomerangs - always store out of hot cars and direct sunlight. This is to to avoid any heating of the boomerang resin which can lead to detuning.


    A cool boomerang is a happy boomerang!