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Designer - Axel Heckner (Germany)


New for 2019!

This is my most accurate and best flying Aussie Round.


My absolute favorite wooden Fuzzy was sadly totally destroyed whilst producing this mould. Out of the sawdust was born this beautiful flying piece of art. Hence the name Fuzzy Phoenix.


The fantastic flight of the wooden master has been captured superbly. In this carbon reproduction we see the same lovely flight. Easy 50m in light winds with a highly desirable spin reduction at the flight end. I have exceeded 100 points more than once with my own carbon in practice. Extremely dependable.


Needs a medium to strong throw for best effect. 25 pieces are needed to make a carbon Fuzzy during a tricky and time consuming process that tests my making skills to the limit. Super stiff and weight around 56 to 63g. This is actually lighter than the wooden version! making for an easier throw.


This boomerang is simply exquisite and one I am extremely proud of.


I make 3 weight configurations & all are excellent.


Configuration 1 : Range 35m. Weight approx 56g. Easiest to throw. Best for weaker throwers.

Configuration 2 : Range 45-48m (normal/experienced throwers) , or for power throwers, perfect for 51-52m. Weight approx 61g.

Configuration 3 : Range 52-55m (Normal throwers), or for power throwers 60m. Weight approx 63g.

Configuration 2 & 3 is not recommended for weaker throwers.

Thickness 5,2mm

Needs a stronger type throw, as typical for all wooden Fuzzies.

Best suited for light winds. May be banded up to handle more wind.

RIGHT HANDED throwers only

Fuzzy Phoenix

  • As with all carbon fibre boomerangs - always store out of hot cars and direct sunlight. This is to to avoid any heating of the boomerang resin which can lead to detuning.


    A cool boomerang is a happy boomerang!

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