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Designer - Ola Wahlberg (Sweden)

A famous shape and proven over and over in competition from the design mind of Ola Wahlberg. I finally have a perfect copy of my favorite DeVe. Super stiff and great for light to medium winds & really accurate. Range 50-53m.  


Throw 45 degrees to right of wind, with about 45 degrees lean. Very easy, and lovely controlled flight with easy catch. 


Thickness  approx 4.3mm. Weight around 55-57 grams.

Average weight 55g

Thickness 4.2mm

For Experienced throwers only.

Needs a medium power throw.

Best suited for light winds.

RIGHT HANDED throwers only


  • As with all carbon fibre boomerangs - always store out of hot cars and direct sunlight. This is to to avoid any heating of the boomerang resin which can lead to detuning.


    A cool boomerang is a happy boomerang!

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