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Incredible Carbon Trick Catch!

I've been making composite boomerangs for nearly 20 years and in all this time, I've never made a trick catch mould!

Why? because they're so easy to make from traditional pax and with a minimal airfoil, I just couldn't see the need.

Moulds are a pain in the ass to make. They take a long time. It's dangerous for the 'master' and there is no guarantee that the mould once completed, will produce a great carbon boomerang.

Also, I was unsure how the minimal airfoil of my trick catches would translate to the mould itself.

My Trick catch booms are typically 1.6mm pax and have barely any material removed on the trailing edge. Literally one to two runs of the powerfile.

My trick catch doubling boomerangs I use for light winds are a Roger Perry TriMagic (1.6mm pax) and a reduced down version I made, with holes and chunky bands. They are really great, and its my lack of skill that stops the perfect rounds.

Very recently, as has happened to many I'm sure, during a throw, the boomerangs clattered in the air and a worryingly large piece of pax had broken away from my favorite TriMagic. I repaired it with a piece of carbon and was thinking again about how a carbon version might be a bit more robust.

So, after making 3 more masters, I selected the best performing one and moulded it. Some 5 days later and several hours of work, it was ready for its first layup. This doesn't need to be light, so I opted for 6 layers of carbon, with a microballoon core.

With the new boomerang out of the mould I first check the weight. 30.3 grams compared to the master of 33g. Pretty good so far.

Then to the field for a test session. Not ideal conditions. Very light fine rain and light gusty winds.

First throw and catch was 1 behind the back. Followed by multiple 1BB. Then a perfect round of singles. A delightful flight that is somehow even better than the original.

Range around 40m in front, where the boomerang turns abruptly and pops into a delightful slow and stable hover. And the icing on the cake is the excellent spin reduction which I do not see on my original. This is what makes the boomerang so easy to catch. Along with a flight time of 10 to 15 seconds.

Now to consider, do I mould the insider?

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