Designer - NiKo Rouland (RIP) (France)


This is a swweeeet nice little Aussie round designed by my friend Nico Rouland! A low and fast 50m flight that is really accurate.


Nico absolutely loved this carbon version and I ended up making 3 for him!


"Your wonderful and so beautiful boom arrived today, I went to try it this afternoon and I have just one thing to tell U, YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This boomerang is perfect, range seems to be close to 50 m, return is perfect, this boom doesn't need a lot of power ( I already have thrown yesterday and the day after so this afternoon my arm was not 100% power) In my hand the grip is perfect, flight is majestuous , harmonious, the boom slow just what it need at the end of flight.

Wind was shit, sometimes strong, sometimes nothing, always changing its way, nevermind bull's after bull"s I did with your boom Thank you so much my friend." 


"And reduced in size like that, it is so cute!" NiKo.


Average weight 50g

Thickness 3.4mm

For Experienced throwers only.

Needs a medium power upwards type throw.

Best suited for calm to light winds.

RIGHT HANDED throwers only


  • As with all carbon fibre boomerangs - always store out of hot cars and direct sunlight. This is to to avoid any heating of the boomerang resin which can lead to detuning.


    A cool boomerang is a happy boomerang!

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